Waiting for Flo

We are a so-called normal family: a married couple with two kids.  When I first talked with my husband about YFU and the possibility of hosting an exchange student, we starting considering a possibility we had long abandoned: the idea of a bigger family.  A different opportunity, to have a new older son.

Little by little we received the information and started imagining what this experience would be like. We concluded that, even considering the difficulties, this is an

experience worth living, since it is rich in the cultural aspect but, fundamentally, rich in the sentimental aspect. We went over and over the list of students waiting for a subtle detail to tell us who our future son/daughter would be. They were all more than perfect to be part of our family.

We finally, chose Florian, a 15-year-old teenager. We now need to learn how to parent a boy that age, since our sons are younger. We asked around trying to find out what the kids his age do in our town, what are their habits, what we have to protect him from, where they go dancing, at what time, where they get together, etc…

We also got some pictures Florian had sent and we stared at them constantly, maybe hoping the images would become real and would speak to us… Finally, he wrote us: “My name is Florian, I’m X meters tall…” (Why should we care how tall he is?!) We should. He is 1,94 meters tall! Tomás, one of our sons, got a centimeter and climbed up a chair to see how much 1,94 m. was. Our other son, Nicolás, asks: “¿Is the big brother getting here on Monday?” And every once in a while, he asks again. We will have to get a bigger bed! And here we are making the nest ready for an other bird to come.