Being ana rea rep

Hello. Mi name is Lucas Gónzalez, I’m 20 years old, I study Economic and Juridical Sciences in the University of Aconcagua and I am the YFU area representative in the city ofMendoza.

How did I get involved with YFU? I was an exchange student in August 2005, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. It was an unforgettable year that taught me a lot and gave me friends from all around the world!!!

When I got back to Argentina, I wanted to become a volunteer and I started to help my city’s former area representative, who was, at the time, searching for families to host foreign students, as well as encouraging teenagers to go as exchange students with YFU and live an amazing and unique experience.

After a year and some months, I became the area representative of the city of Mendoza, since the former area rep couldn’t continue.

Nowadays, being a YFU area rep has given me tons of benefits, in different ways: my social life improved, since I have to interview families and students and explain them all about the great YFU family. I constantly meet new people: from other countries, from other provinces, as well as other area representatives and host families from other cities.

The most difficult part about being an area rep, or just participating in some way with YFU, is that it takes time. Looking for host families, students who want to travel, going to language institutes or schools takes time, but it is all rewarded at last.

I, for one, try to give YFU as much time as possible, since being an area rep is an important commitment, both to the organization as well as to the students: to YFU because they have given me the great possibility of being a part of the community, doing trips with them and meeting new people; to the students I have the big responsibility of trying to make their exchange experience as rich and wonderful as possible, here in Mendoza and in Argentina. As I was an exchange student myself, I know what it is like to be on that side and I know how nice it is to know someone’s got your back.

I hope the YFU family continues to grow and that we have more and more area representative all along the country!!!

My best regards to you all!!!

Lucas González.