As I live in Buenos Aires, I was able to go see the Argentinean National Football team. I went with my dad, my brother and another exchange student from La Plata. We colored our faces and went to the River Plate Stadium. It was incredible: so many people and almost everyone was singing! The national anthem gave me the goose bumps. I had already seen a football match before, but it had ended 0-0. I was pretty disappointed: I just wanted to see one Argentinean goal.  Then, Messi scored one and we celebrated like crazy: we hugged everyone, we sang, we shouted… By the end of the match, I was really happy since I was able to enjoy three more goals! We went back home, waving our Argentinean flags and scarves out the windows and honking on the horn like everybody else in the street. Who knows… maybe in June I can go see Argentina-Colombia too.


In February, I went with most of the students here on a trip to Northwestern Argentina. We started in Tucumán, then Salta, Jujuy and finally Mendoza. We all had a really good time and I made friends with people from all around the world. (Germany, United States, Scandinavian countries…). We saw amazing things, like the Aconcagua, the Quebrada de Humahuaca, the Garganta del Diablo. We had a tour guide, “Chino”, who knew a lot about everything and was able to answers any question we had. The mood was always cheerful, happy and with no big discussions… Everything was great and I could even say that those were the twelfth best days of my exchange.