Academic year program Academic year August/January June/December
Academic semester program Academic semester August/January December/June
Short Program 2 months June August


Academic Year/Semester Program

The year program is the most popular program in all YFU countries. In Argentina, students arrive in August and, as in other countries, they live with volunteer host families and attend high schools as full-time students. Students are not required to have excellent grades, but it is important to make an effort to learn the language and participate as much as they can. Even if they cannot graduate, school provide certificates with the grades obtained. The year and semester programs include: an orientation upon arrival, a pre departure orientation and the YFU trip, in February.

Short program

Experience the same as an in a normal academic year or semester program, but only in 2 months! Live with an Argentinian family and go to an Argentinian school.

YFU Activities

  • Arrival Orientation

    After your arrival in our country, you will have an arrival orientation. During these 3- 4 days we are going to talk about Argentine culture, about being an exchange student, about behaviors, host families, food, etc. Games are also part of this fun meeting!

    This kind of orientation is held in a very nice place with all the exchange students of the same program, with many volunteers that are going to try to show you the different ways of the argentine living.

  • YFU Trip

    Since our summer break is really long, YFU offers an optional trip for all students, in February. In the past years, the trip consisted in traveling to the North West of Argentina and to the colossal IguazúFalls, considered the biggest falls in the world. It is a very nice trip where you can meet the other exchange students and have fun!

  • YFU Gatherings

    Each local representation organizes their own activities, such as pizza parties, pic-nics in parks, presentations at TV or radio programs, meetings with local authorities, city-tours, etc.

  • Re-entry Orientation

    Before going home, YFU Argentina volunteers and staff will want to say goodbye and give you some tips for you